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Q: Are you Manufacturer or Trade company ?
A: We are Manufacturer and we are dealing with International trade for more than 10 Years.

Q: What product can you provide ?
A: We are the manufacturer of Co2 Laser Machines, Vinyl Cutting Plotters, CNC Routers and Apparel CAD Pen/Inkjet Plotters.

Q: What can the Co2 Laser Machines do ?
A: The Co2 Laser Machines are working with Co2 laser, it is available to engrave and cut for Metal and Non-metal materials with higher speed and good performance.

Q: What can the Vinyl Cutting Plotters do ?
A: The Vinyl Cutting Plotters are working with Blade/Knife, it is available to cut on different Vinyls/Stickers/Stencils/Paper sheets.
Also, there is optional pen/pencil working, so it is available to draw graphic designs/arch designs/fabric designs/art designs/etc.

Q: What can the CNC Routers do ?
A: The CNC Routers are working with High Speed Routing Spindle heads, it is available to engrave/cut/router on Metal/Non-metal materials in 2D and 3D Axis.
Also there are special optional modes for woodworking, stone engraving, metal engraving and cutting, jewelry processing, PCB drilling, etc.

Q: What can the Apparel CAD Pen/Inkjet plotters do ?
A: The Apparel CAD Pen/Inkjet plotters working with pen/pencil or Inkjet cartridge, it is mostly applied for Apparel/Fabric/Habiliment Industries for plotting the graphic/fabric designs for factories and workshops.

Q: What certificate do you have for the products ?
A: We have passed ISO2000, and we can provide CE certificate and test report, FDA Certification Code, SGS Certification Report, Alibaba Supplier Certificate, Made-in-China Supplier Certificate, etc.

Q: What is the warranty for your products?
A: We provide ONE YEAR / 12 MONTH warranty for all the products.
Notice: there will be different warranty for the consumable parts.

Q: What is the policy for default parts within warranty ?
A: For the default parts within warranty, we will provide free test&repair service,
Or if the default part is unable to repair, we will provide replacement/exchange parts for free.

Q: What is the policy for default parts after warranty ?
A: For the default parts after warranty, we can provide you free service for test, and charges will be applied when it is necessary.

Q: How can you support on service ?
A: We can provide service for your purchase and working with our products,
there will be online service for Pre-sale, Purchase-Order-processing, After-sale, Technical support.
Also, we can provide technician engineer visiting your office for training and maintain service.

Q: How can I purchase from you ?
A: We need to process your order via email, no matter the first discussion is at online chatting (via Skye, Trademanager, etc.) or at phone calling or via emails.
Also there will be one specified/authorized salesman to help you for your order processing steps.

Q: How can I pay for the order ?
A: We can accept payment for the order through the following ways: T/T Bank transfer, West Union, Paypal, MoneyGram, Alibaba Security Pay, etc.
Also, we can accept your payment in cash or through your agent office in China.

Q: How will the machine shipping to me ? How many days will that cost ?
A: For the shipping,if you have your own shipping agent, you can arrange by yourself; Also,we can help you arrange the shipping, there will be different charges for different shipping ways:
Shipping by Air Express as TNT/DHL/FEDEX/UPS, higher shipping cost with short shipping days, within one week in general.
Shipping by sea shipping, lower shipping cost with long shipping days,
Shipping by Air shipping through air flights, medium shipping cost with medium shipping days.

Q: How can I learn/study to start working with the machine ?
A: We will provide the operating video for machine installation and working steps packed inside machine package,
Also, there is the video link for you to see and understand at our website: www.hxlaser.com  

Q: How can I get help if my machine shows problem ?
A: You can contact the specified salesman for your purchase of the machine, he will help you contact the technical department and he will deal with your default part test/repair/replacement process details.

Q: What do I need to prepare when I need after-sale service ?
A: We would like you to prepare the purchase order details, such as the invoice for payment,
Also it is better if you can prepare the machine model, serial number, problem situation photo or video,
So we can check technical department and warehouse to help you with quick solutions.
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