RC6090 CNC router for engraving and cutting wood/large size board materials
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RC6090 CNC router for engraving and cutting wood/large size board materials
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RC6090 is King Rabbit produced for board cutting & 3d engraving . Machine adopt cast iron design , solid and no distortion ,rigidity and toughness is superb , stable and reliable performance for long time running , guide way has linear square guide rail and linear round rail two kinds , accuracy concentricity , you can engrave out high precision samples .Adding“water tank”can engrave on metal and gade materials .Adding rotary device can do 3d cylinder engraving .it is widely used in handicrafts processing and advertising industry .

Our professional CNC router adopts a DSP controller to make the machine more suitable for non -metal materials engraving and cutting, such as wood board, PVC, acrylic, plywood, furniture making and advertising production. Meanwhile, CNC router is an economical machine for cutting different material.
RC6090 Working area 600*900*70mm
Overall dimensions 1260*1045*1280mm
Driving mode Stepper motor ,stepper driver
Transmission Ball screw driving
Control system DSP controller
Spindle power 1.5KW
Lathe bed Cast iron
Guide way Linear round guide rail (Linear square guide rail)
Blade diameter 3.175mm,6mm
Application range Non -metal materials engraving and cutting ,such as wood board ,
PVC,acrylic,plywood ,furniture making ,advertising production .
Application range :
6090 cnc router can be used for engraving and cutting wood / large size board materials ,aluminium & PCB engraving and cutting , as well as glass ,plastic ,rubber acrylic etc materials .
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