1.5kw Spindle Power RC3030 CNC Stone Router
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1.5kw Spindle Power RC3030 CNC Stone Router
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Jinan king rabbit technology development co.,ltd launched the small mechanical engraving machine RC3030,this series is equipped with imported double nut ball screws automatic elimination gap,smooth and comfortable operation, high-power water-cooled spindle can make hard material carved easily. This series include A B C.B model machine is with cover and cabinet,it is convenient to place cutting tools and meterials.And c model is with cover and lamp,that can protect the safety of operator.Our machine is Widely used in stone carving, metal engraving, artwork processing small engraving industry.

Our machine can exhibit excellent hard materials processing efficiency with stepper motor and stepper driver. Our machine is designed and manufactured to meet the requirements of wood board, acrylic, plywood, copper, aluminum, steel and other small-sized craft making, metal, mound etc.

1.1.5kw spindle power
2.small size,detachable,easy to move and operate and high precision intelligent tasks.
3.High work efficiency with high speed step motor driver
4.Dustproof and waterproof device against dust and water and keep well maintenance.
Type RC3030A RC3030B RC3030C
Overall dimensions 645*620*515mm 645*620*1100mm 670*663*600mm
Working area 300*300*45mm
Driving mode Stepper motor ,stepper driver
Transmission Ball screw driving
Control system DSP controller
Spindle power 1.5KW
Lathe bed Cast aluminum(Cast iron)
Cabinet NO Machine with cabinet ,convenient to place cutting tool and materials . NO
Machine cover NO NO with cover and lamp ,protect the safety of operator .
Guide way Linear round guide rail Linear round guide rail (Linear square guide rail)
Blade diameter 3.175mm,6mm
Application range Wood board ,acrylic,plywood,copper,aluminum ,steel and other small-sized craft making ,metal, mould etc .
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