Pen plotter supporting all kinds of CAD softwares
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Pen plotter supporting all kinds of CAD softwares
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CAD plotter is a professional apparel plotter. Supporting all kinds of CAD softwares , our CAD plotter applies to plate type cutting of apparel fabric. Plotting by pen, our CAD plotter can reach the maximum output speed of 30000rps and the maximum plotting speed of 1200mm/s. And our CAD plotter supports temporary pause in the working process and online updating system.

Besides, we offer four models of CAD plotters: HC-1400, HC-1700, HC-1900 and HC-2100.

1 Imported stepper motor is used.
2 Our CAD plotter supports procedural language, HPGL language and every kind of CAD software.
3 Imported linear bearing has the advantages of strong anti-wear property and high precision.
4 Two-way paper feeding control system is adopted.
5 Our CAD plotter is easy to operate with large screen liquid crystal display and clear operation menu.
6 Our CAD plotter adopts imported steel string paper delivering shaft and high precision pinch roller.
7 Our CAD plotter can plot with marker and ball-point pen.
Type HC-1400 HC-1700 HC-1900 HC-2100
Max. Paper Loading Width 1360mm(53.5 in.) 1700m (66.9 in.) 1900m(74.8 in.) 2100mm(82.8 in.)
Max. Plotting Width 1200mm(47.2 in.) 1600mm(64.5 in.) 1800mm(70.8 in.) 2040mm(80.3 in.)
Acceptable Pens Disposable Ink and Ball Point Pens
Max. Roll-Media 40 kg
Acceptable Media (g/m²) 40g~120g
LCD English LCD
Pen Pressure 0-500g
Plotting Speed 1200mm/s(47.2 in./s)
Machine Resolution 0.0254mm(0.001in.)
CPU Double CPU
Data Buffer 1-4MB
Hardware Interface RS-232(Serial cable), USB (selective)
Power Supply AC200V/110V(15%)
Working Humidity 35%-75%(No Condensing water)
Working Temperature 10-35°C
Stand and Take-up System Yes
Shipping Weight 65kg 80kg 86kg 95kg
Pen plotter can plot garment pattern and markers etc.
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