KII type cutting plotter for advertisement/car sticker
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KII type cutting plotter for advertisement/car sticker
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KII type cutter plotter is upgraded on base of high cutting pressure, it strengthen the cutting power and speed on base of stable working. Can cut sandblasting film and reflective film. Improve the cutting efficiency of thick materials. It can supply USB2.0/RS232 double splice, connect by soft cable, make more stronger and durable. It take the advanced chips, make no noise during cutting. It use artcut software, has strong function.It is widely used for advertisement and car sticker.

1. Support the forward and reverse paper feeding, emergency stop, any set of origin, with maximum speed of 800mm/s.
2. Low power design of the circuit, no need of cooling fan, to ensure the reliable long-time operation.
3. Perfect output, absolutely no sawtooth in high speed.
4. Using the switching power supply, is not affected by the voltage fluctuation.
5. Memory storage of cutter speed, blade pressure; reduction with double light panels.
6. Direct push head, knife pressure can reach 950g, strong pressure can cut any reflective film.
7. English backlit LCD display panel, clear operation.
  HX-800KII HX-1360KII HX-1780KII
LED Backlight ;LCD
Maximum paper width 800mm(31.5") 1360mm(53.6") 1780mm(70.1")
Real time range 720mm×limitless 1250mm×limitless 1650mm×limitless
Cutting pressure 20-950g
Cutting speed 25mm/s-800mm/s
Mechanical resolution 0.0254mm/step
Interface USB2.0/RS232
Support software Artcut/Cut ;Master
Bracket With
JRE Windows ;XP/vista/7
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