• Laser Flat bed

    Laser Flat bed

    Features: -Opened worktable, widely cutting...

  • Auto-feeding Laser Flatbed

    Auto-feeding Laser Flatbed

    Features: - Auto-feeding system for continuous and automatic cutting process - Vacuum exhaust absorption worktable -Faster speed, smooth cutting and small joint -Totally enclosed lightway, powerful security -Imported linear guideway, higher precision

  • 40B type

    40B type

    performance advanced, the quality stable, the ease of operation, the compatibility is strong and so on. small sizes, easy operation, fast carving.

  • SG type

    SG type

    Feature: or double laser head 2.honeycomb table in laser engraving machine has strong adsorption capacity. 3.install Art Cut, CorelDraw, Photoshop, AutoCAD and many other software

  • HX-3050R



  • Fiber laser cutter

    Fiber laser cutter

    1. Stability and reliability for light path system and control system. 2. Fiber laser has high and stable function and lifespan which is over 100000 hours. 3. Higher cutting quality and efficiency with cutting speed being with perfect cutting edge. 4. High performance reducer, gear and rack;Japanese Imported Panasonic Servo Motor & Driving System feeding wheel design for materials feeding